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OCTOBER 13, 2014

There are many forms of parties that you can throw. I choose to explain how to throw a party just for fun. Your reason for throwing the party will definitely determine what type of party it will be, but before you can have a party, you must go through a preparation process. This is where you plan the party. You try to figure out how to throw the party, by doing this you have to first come up with an idea, reason, or a theme. After this is complete, the decision making for the rest of the party will be easier.

You have to first pick a nice place or location. A few questions you may want to ask yourself are, where have you decided upon having the party, will all my guests be able to come to this location, is the location a neutral location, or will it be a large party or small gathering.

Since you didn't find a place you decide to choose your home because it's a place where all of your friends are able to access. In the meantime make sure to pick an area for the guests to mingle or talk which would be separate from the sitting and eating area. You must make sure your home is clean. Also you want to have your guests in an area where they are comfortable but won't be able to access any of your valuable things such as your jewelry, children's information, mail, any electronics, or anything that you aren't comfortable with your guest seeing.

Making a decision on a theme would be the next step. Ask yourself will it be for a special occasion? If so, think what will please the guest of honor. You really want to incorporate the personality of your guest into the theme of your party (for example favorite colors, food, music etc…). Determining a time and date for your party is another step. If you decide upon a birthday party, try to have the party on the day of their birthday or as close to their special day as possible. You also have to remember to pick a date where most of your guest are available. You have to decide on a budget. You don't want to spend every dime you have on a party. Also take it into consideration that everyone you invite to your party will not like the same music because of their age differences. You will also have some guest who may want to talk and mingle instead of dance, so be mindful of your guest. Make sure you choose your guests wisely. Don't pick people who will not respect you.

Make sure after picking your guests you send out invitations and start picking your foods and beverages since you know who will be there. Picking out great music, decorations and lighting is a must because it sets the tone and mood of the party. If you choose to have some games make sure they are games that accommodates all your guest.

To sum things up, always discuss your rules when your guests arrive and make sure you have a great time and enjoy watching your guest enjoy themselves.


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