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Dr. Strangelove


Dr. Strangelove, concepts applied for the conflict resolution

Samuel Garces Ospina

Valentin Kuperwaser



Pontificia universidad católica de minas


October 2014


Dr. Strangelove is a movie produced in 1964, which is known by its particular way of doing comedy. At first sight the movie doesn´t look like a comedy but, while the minutes pass people can start perceiving the "black humor inside it". The movie itself have a mixture of components that make it a classic, the social conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, the possible existence of nuclear weapons, the development of intelligence centers and the lack of communication between high ranks and low ranks of the army due to pre-established army codes.

There are plenty of characters in this movie but there are a few which are considered very important for the resolution of the movie and must be know for us to make the complete analysis.

Captain Lionel Mandrake: is the captain in charged at the base and his main concern is to get the code from the general to stop the attack of the airplanes to the soviet targets.

General Jack ripper: is the general in charged in the base, is who gives the orders to the airplanes B-52 to attack the soviet targets in Russia and orders to defend the base against everyone so he wont be forced to give the code.

President Merkin Muffley: He is the president of the United States of America, and he is in front to take the final decisions at the center of intelligence at the pentagon.

General Burk Turgidson: it's the general who gives advices to the president.

Alexi de Sadesky: it's the soviet ambassador in the United States, and the person who talks with the Soviet...