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Effect of Water on Photosynthesis in a PlantBy: Sameer DharProblem: What is the effect of increasing the amount of available water (mL) on the rate of photosynthesis in lima bean plants, as measured by the plant growth rate (cm/day)?Hypothesis: It is my belief that increasing the amount of water (mL) available in the soil for entry through the roots will increase the production of simple sugars through photosynthesis. The simple sugars are either utilized or stored by the plant. This will be reflected in the growth of the plant, which can be measured. The main reason from which I have derived the basis of my theory is because of water抯 role in photosynthesis.

Water抯 Role in PhotosynthesisIn the process of photosynthesis, green plants use radiant light energy to combine water absorbed through the roots, and carbon dioxide from the air, to form oxygen and glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar (nutrient) produced, which is used by the plants to grow.

Radiant light energy is obtained during the daytime from the Sun. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere enters leaves of plants through tiny openings called stomata. Under normal circumstances, water evaporates from the stomata (this is called transpiration), and carbon dioxide gas from the outside environment enters the plant through these openings.

Water indirectly influences the process of photosynthesis in a plant in two ways:1.It serves as a reactant:If there is an insufficient amount of water, photosynthesis is inhibited.

2.It influences the opening and closing of the stomata. If there is an insufficient amount of water in the plant, the stomata remain closed to prevent water loss. This means that carbon dioxide cannot enter the plant, and therefore photosynthesis cannot take place.

Photosynthesis and Plant GrowthGlucose (C6H12O6), a product of photosynthesis, is used by plants in cellular respiration. Cellular...