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Plea bargaining is definitely crucial to our justice system, and increasing the number of plea bargains would definitely be of great help to Canada. There is no doubt that without the option of plea bargaining, our justice system would be very flawed. If we were to give the option of plea bargaining to more criminals, Canada would benefit greatly. There are three arguments that will clearly show how increasing the rate of plea bargains will help Canada a great deal. The first point is that plea bargaining will save a lot of time and money, two things we cannot afford to lose. Money is hard to get nowadays and time cannot be reused. This is quite clear as cases cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. My second argument is it is obviously impossible to take every crime for a full trial, especially if the person already wants to admit he or she is guilty.

This also has a lot to do with time, as many days would be wasted taking small cases to a trial court with juries. And third, the justice system would no doubt fall apart without plea bargaining, and it gives people the chance to get a second chance at a normal life. Therefore, increasing the amount of plea bargains would greatly improve our justice system and would give people who deserve it a second chance at life. These points will be summarized in more depth throughout the essay, along with proof and facts that prove plea bargaining is crucial to the justice system and should be increased to improve the system.

So, my first point: plea bargaining saves a great deal of time and money, which we definitely cannot afford to lose. This is obvious, as money is hard to...