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The coup d'état document was carried out with the help of Major-General John Lambert (1619-1684), the second, after Cromwell's face in the army. That Lambert and his aides have made a new constitution of the English State (adopted December 16, 1653). The generated document officers, known as " The Instrument of Government." proposed that the executive power is held by one person and it led to a monarchic beginning in England of XVII century. On December 16, 1653, Cromwell was proclaimed as a Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and it was a beginnging of restoration with transformation the country to absolute monarchy rule. reflects the interests of bourgeoisie and the new nobility, who were highly interested in prevention of restoration of the monarchy. The idea of a written constitution was new to England. she came out of the military rule. Back in June 1647, the Privy Council asked the Parliament army special declaration with proposals to fix the rights in a written and legal form.

Thoughout decades, a power belonged to Parliament and its executive branch. Suggestions on changes in rule, with the t basis for the construction of a new state order were recorded and revived in the minute it came on the board. In fact, the changes led to turning out the country with the dictatorial system of government. Under the new constitution, the supreme legislative power was concentrated in the hands of the Lord Protector and Parliament. The Parliament was unicameral and limited in Participation in the elections to relatively high property qualification, which was 100 times greater than existed before the revolution. The supreme executive power was given to the Lord Protector and the State Council, consisting of not less than 13 but not more than 21 members. Appointment of members of the...