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The Metropolitan Airport Commission’s (MAC) aim is to provide and promote safe, convenient, environmentally sound and cost competitive aviation services for our customers as well as advancement opportunities to our employees and employment opportunities for the public. The Kiosks system is an Information technology (IT) resource that the Metropolitan Airport Commission owns, leases, licenses, or has authority to use and are valuable assets that the airport has responsibility to manage, secure, protect, and control. The kiosks will become an integral part of research, employment, and public service of the airport and must be provided and used efficiently and effectively to support those missions. The Metropolitan Airport Commission’s providers, Information Technology department along with See Point Technology is responsible for the management of kiosks, security, services, and data. The public, employees, administration, management, and other constituencies will be able to access company information; job listings as well as flight and gate information via Internet and through kiosk touch screens.

Providers may also be given authority to develop standards and best practices which users must agree to in order to access IT resources.

The Metropolitan Airport Commission must set expectations for both the providers and users of IT resources. The purposes of the Policy Statement are to implement policies that govern the provision and use of the IT resources.

DEFINITIONSA."IT resources" are hardware, software, and data used to create, store, process, and communicate information electronically. Examples of IT resources include but are not limited to the kiosk computer system, data communication lines, operating systems, and email systems.

B.“Other providers” are the Finance and Administrative Services, Information Services, Data Resources Department, Human Resources Development, and the Business Development Division.

STATEMENT OF POLICYThe following policies shall apply throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport o the provision and use of IT resources.

1.Subject to State, and Federal laws, rules, and/or regulations, and airport policy all IT resources owned by the Metropolitan Airport Commission as well as those leased, licensed, or authorized for use are covered by this policy.

2.Management responsibility for IT resources lies with the IT department, Information services and is overseen by the commission’s executive director and staff.

3.To the extent permitted by law, the commission retains all rights of access to its resources as may be necessary to conduct the work of the airport.

The Metropolitan Airport Commission shall take reasonable and prudent measures to maintain the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of communications and stored data. Users are expected to follow good security practices as part of those measures.

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