"POLITICAL SYSTEM IN AMERICA" ..is a representative democracy... legislative, executive, and judicial...been dominated by two major parties: the Democratic and Republican

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The United States is a representative democracy where people choose their government representatives. There also exists "the principle of limited government" which means that no single party can have absolute power. The authority is divided between central government and the individual states. The central government has control over wide issues such as declaring war, national defense but it can not interfere in a single state's laws. Furthermore, the power is also divided among three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch consists of representatives from each state, the number of which depends on the number of districts in each state. Executive branch is responsible for administering the passed laws. Judicial branch is headed by Supreme Court, which basically is there to see whether the Congress or the president does not violate the Constitution.

Political party system in US had always been dominated by two major parties: the Democratic and Republican but none of these parties has ever completely dominated the political scene.

They share, in general, the same political and economical goals and have no intention to change fundamentals of economy or social structure. In some areas they have the same goals like handling federal deficit, cutting unemployment, and keeping economy prosperous.

Both parties don't have any ideology whatsoever even though there were attempts to introduce one throughout the history. The major issues may be similar but both Democrats and Republicans offer different programs to achieve it. One of the differences is that Democrats are more for providing social and economic programs where Republicans say it is too costly for taxpayers. They prefer to develop private sector and want to limit the role of government.

Another characteristic of American party system is lack of party unity. There are several reasons but the most...