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A Contemporary Summery on

Pool Boy

By Michael Simmons

Report By: Seth Love

Grade: 7th

Teacher: Language Arts Teacher Unknown

Date: Sunday August 3, 2003

Time: 9:49

For RRJ (Reading Response Journal)

The book Pool Boy is about a seventeen year old who has to deal with life when his family loses all of is money. The reason he loses all of his money is because his father was an inside traitor and got caught by the police. To try to relive Brett's Dad of the charges, Bret's mom hires an expensive lawyer who does not win the case. Then, Bret's Dad is sent to jail for three years. After this Bret treated his Dad like garbage every Sunday when he went to see him.

In a matter of weeks Brett's family is out of money despite selling all of their positions including their house. In a result of this Brett's family has to move in with Bret's aunt.

The aunt's name is Mary. Aunt Mary is always in a nightgown and slippers. Her house is dusty, dingy, and small.

To help the finances Brett is forced to get a job. His first job is at a greasy fast food restaurant named Fast Burger. Around three months he quits. Bet quits because he thinks his boss and the customers are cruel , and food does not taste good.

While walking home he noticed Alfie Moore. Alfie is a 70-year-old man with heart problems. When Brett was rich, Alfie cleaned his pool. Alfie and Bret had a conversation. During the conversation, Alfie asked Brett if he wanted a job. Bret said yes, and Alfie told Brett to meet him at his house at 7:00 am the next day to clean pools.

Each day (except Sunday and Saturday) Brett and Alfie...