Pornography Versus Sensual Literature

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I. Introduction.

II. Novels shouldn't be considered pornographic.

III. Difference between porn and sensual literary stories.

IV. Conclusion

V. Works Cited

Pornography Versus Sensual Literature

Pornography is the hottest topic of today's society. There are many questions about pornography that how pornographic novels are effecting on our everyday lives? How do we put a stop on it or what are the measures to prevent public from reading these types of novels? Pornography breaks violence through its explicit obscenity through the literature and the media. These pornographic novels have manipulated technology, and this is not good for the public. The law officials are continously trying to make some laws that refer to the pornographic field, but pornography has become so much difficult to eliminate from this world. (Buscemi and Charlotte, p.129-132)

Novels Shouldn't Be Considered Pornographic

Readers are always concerned about their image, and much attention has been paid to that image because people feel shy when they are linked with pornography in anyway.

However, there has been a little attention paid to that image in pornography.

Most of these novels have been made in the western United States. There are undoubtedly many other novels of this type that have been distributed in other parts of the world or that have escaped from the government notice.

The matter written in these types of novels is destroying the public, especially children. These novels are mostly purchased by adults, but officials are not restricting the children from buying that literature. Pornographic novels contains literature related to vaginal, oral, and anal sex in a different positions, and also lesbian sex. Most of the library women are involved in reading these novels and after reading they start practicing sex on other workers who also read pornographic literature. The libraries, which are involved in porno...