Portman Hotel and the management of change

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Wanted accomplishments of the PV system:

Portman's PV system was designed to attract customers and highly qualified employees. It thus aimed at:

Innovating on the hospitality market through the following elements.

Ensuring a new level of service among American luxury hotels by implementing standards close to the Asian ones.

Building a company that would provide high quality at affordable rates which would make the hotel more interesting to customers than the competitors' ones.

Defining a stay at Portman Hotel as a true experience and not only as great service.

Wanted accomplishments of the PV system

Being the best employer in San Francisco and this way recruiting the best people in the activity by:

Turning work experience at Portman's into a fun experience within friendly and supporting teams.

Showing trust and pride in each employee: proving that they were considered as the main asset of the company.

Helping people grow personally and professionally thanks to their work experience at Portman's.

The variety in the missions they are given is supposed to enrich them.

Making sure every employee knew his rights (stated in a "Bill of rights") and made use of them when needed without feeling their job is put in jeopardy. This is a way to make employees trust in the company they work in and in their managers.

Business goals of the PV system

However this system also has positive effects on the business itself as it has the following goals:

Being the first to offer such service and to implement such an original concept of hotel luxury, the change has to be made quickly and built against strong competition. Indeed it is the only competitive advantage the company seems to have as its rates are higher than those of the market and the structure of its costs heavier...