Possible software which could be used in a shop.

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The shop will have many different software for different purposes. A good office package is the Microsoft office package. It will have software like Microsoft access which is good for holding data and information for things like information about the suppliers and buyers for the company. MS excel will be good for inserting pie charts and databases of groups of information in cells and columns. In addition the office package also has Microsoft Publisher which is good DTP software to create different advertising material like leaflets, posters, pamphlets in order to help advertise the shop better; also there is MS FrontPage, to help build a site for the shop. However alternatively there are also other office packages that can be used. Packages like Easy Office or Open Office are also available, which are similar to Microsoft Office. These packages are also less expensive than the Microsoft package, and provide the necessary tools needed in order to complete certain working tasks,

Apart from the office package, software like Paint will be good do draw and design different sorts of material, or if the staff is more advanced and better trained they could use a paint shop publishing package, for example the well known Adobe Photoshop.

By using software like Photoshop, the shop can create different graphics for their advertising material like leaflets or letter heads. In addition there is another software which can be used instead of Ms Front Page, this software will be included in the Macromedia MX package or it could be purchased separately this software is called MX Dream Weaver which is for more advanced users, this software will help the user make more advanced graphics with HTML or flash within a website. By making a website this will help improve sales, so people can order...