Postmodern Feminism

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Postmodern Feminism and Postmodernism in general are branches in social theory that are concerned with the development and the creation of discourses around subjects as ?truth?. The two most notable concepts coined with postmodern writing are the power-knowledge relation and the textual evidences. One of the most influential thinkers in postmodern stream is Michel Foucault who established the genealogy of truth, which means the practices and influences that paved the establishment of discourses. His notion of truth is strongly related to power. In his latest work he becomes fully convinced that power relation within a defined region established what is know to be the subject and theory of human discourse setting in this way the inevitable conjunction between power and knowledge.

Jacques Derrida another important writer used a device called deconstruction in which the text (which is the knowledge in itself) becomes a phenomena of indefinite interpretation. In this way postmodern writers alienate themselves completely from any theory that proclaims the establishment of the ultimate truth as the only possible discourse.

Feminism is a field developed mainly from Foucault and Derrida?s writings. Its main belief is that woman and men denoted in terms of subjects are phenomena in history created through practices where the discourse around man gained more importance in terms of power than the female discourse. Foucault in his genealogy clearly explains how subjects emerge in history through practices of power relations. Feminist writers claim that mainly man theorist discourse influences the ongoing anarchic situation in international relation. They also claim that a woman view of the world would change most of the interpretations of the world and specifically international relation.

Giving first an overview of main concepts that surround postmodernism and postmodern feminism composes my research. Then a detailed analysis of Foucault?s ideology follows by subjecting much...