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1. Title: Postmortem 2. Author: Patricia Cornwell Original Publishing Date: 1990 3. Title: The title, Postmortem, meaning after death, refers to everything that the main character does in the book. Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner, performs all the autopsies and all the investigating of the bodies.

4. Conflict and Plot: The first major conflict is between Kay and Lucy, her niece. Lucy is upset because Kay promised her that they would spend the day together, but the murder kept her away all day. Kay's sister, Dorothy, is very involved in her work and rarely spends time with her daughter Lucy. So, when Lucy planned on staying with her Aunt, she figured that they would always be together. With the killer being so careful while he committed the murders, solving them was even more difficult for Kay, Marino, and everyone else involved. Kay realized how much she was neglecting Lucy and found time to spend with her.

After the murders are solved, Kay and Lucy take a long overdue vacation to Florida.

The second major conflict is between the killer and the Richmond Police Department. The RPD has to try and get in the killer's head and anticipate his next move. The killer is being very discreet with his actions doesn't want to get caught. He is leaving no clues or contacting anyone in anyway. He waits for his victims to contact him.

5. Character: Kay Scarpetta is the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond Virginia. She takes her work very seriously. Lucy once told her Auntie Kay that smoking is bad for her and that she should know that smoking causes cancer and other diseases. She told her that she knew this and that when she dies, she is going to die happy.

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