Pot Prohibition

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End of Pot Prohibition

One of the hottest topics being debated in today's ever changing society is the legalization and end of the prohibition against marijuana. Solid arguments exist on both sides, but by simply looking at the facts and weighing the pros and cons of prohibition, it becomes clear that it is time for society to accept the changing times and move forward as a whole.

There are many different aspects of each argument, but I will only be covering a few key topics. One of the most prevailing and arguably the most influential reasons for the legalization of marijuana is the exact same reason tobacco and alcohol is legal; the economy ultimately gets deprived from a potential multi-billion dollar industry, police resources are being wasted in the failed war on drugs, and millions of Americans use marijuana and enjoy its use are among the few basic arguments. [1: Gieringer, Dale H.

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Many people question the legitimacy of the proposition of drug reform and doubt its effectiveness; they also raise some interesting questions themselves. A large part of the problem with not regulating and controlling the marijuana industry is the fact that gangs and terrorist organizations end up controlling the market and making billions of untaxed dollars. So the theory is that when you eliminate the underground marijuana industry, all the cartels and gangs will stop dealing and doing those illegal activities because it is no longer profitable to them because it is now federally regulated. So the question that is raised is how those gangsters would, and the people who cause the violent crimes associated with the underground market, stop what they are doing and become honest members of society. The truth is,