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Society is composed of people of different origins with a wide range of beliefs and values. Although we are all different in whom we are, we all have one thing in common, and we all belong to the institution known as the state. The state can be seen by some to be of particular importance, due to factors such as every aspects of our life is affected by it. Where there are people there are disagreements due to their different views, and where there is a community of people there is politics.

It could be said by some that, politics is derived from the basic human need to differ in opinions and viewpoints. The work of politics can be seen to resolve the problems of united action in a community divided by differing interests and needs. Where the political system can do that, in a reasonably calm manner, great benefit accrues to the community.

Power is often taken to be a defining feature of politics.

However, what is power?

1The word Politics originates from the Greek word Polic through the Greek philosopher Plato who lived around 427 - 347 BC. It may be defined by some as the relations between members of a society, a collective social activity, both formal and informal within human society. Due to the need to distribute shared economic resources within society evenly, the need for politics is created. This means that if we are to live together in peace the need for politics is uttermost. Politics can also be seen as a way of resolving conflicts peacefully between groups, by compromising without the need of war if there is to be as less conflict as possible between groups.

There are two types of politics private and public. They differ in the sense that although they...