Power and Politics

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Power and Politics

Daniel Jones

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Where does power end and politics begin? Many think that the two of these are tied together, because without one you will likely not have the other. Many politicians or even people high in corporations tend to have a great deal of power over how decisions are made and when they are to be executed. On the other hand many people with power tend to continue to grow and evolve into types that have political power. Power as defined by Webster: possession of control, authority, or influence over others b : one having such power; specifically : a sovereign state c : a controlling group : ESTABLISHMENT -- often used in the phrase the powers that be d archaic : a force of armed men e chiefly dialect : a large number or quantity.

Then politics defined by Webster is : political affairs or business; especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government) b : political life especially as a principal activity or profession c : political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices.

Many people use their power to influence others into performing tasks for them that would under normal situations not be acceptable. An example of this would be the current war that we are faced with in Iraq. Those soldiers that are overseas trying to help protect people, some of whom do not want the help are there because those with power made the decision to send in troops. Then there are situations where someone with power can help influence someone to make good decisions, such as encouragement to ask for that raise or new job. Both...