Presidential power and the power to vote.

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In the current state of affairs, I believe that the President has become too powerful of a position if the man/woman in office is not experienced enough to make good decisions for our country. In the past, the President's power over our country has been held well by well selected candidates. However, the recent selection has been of poor quality compared to other elections of the past. Because of this we have a president in office that is incapable of handling the power we have given him. As an example we can look at our current President, George Bush.

George Bush is incapable of even understanding simple words and yet we elected him. In his first term he made many mistakes and it was obvious he was being influenced incorrectly by other people. Also he doesn't understand what he's talking about most of the time and makes bad decisions.

A good example of his abuse of power was declaring war on a country that has no effect on our country and disregarding the UN. Although this whole situation can not be blamed solely on him, it does show a lack of judgment on the government as a whole.

If the people of our country are better educated on politics and of the power of there vote, the higher of a chance we will have President who can handle his power. Let alone we might have more people running for presidency who are more for the people and less for them self. I personally believe that the power of the President is well set. I also think it's up to the people to make sure we elect a person who is capable to handle the powers set upon him. We should try to influence more people to take the initiative...