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Power of Interest Groups One of the greatest and most important freedoms given to citizens of the United States is the right to vote. As soon as an American turns eighteen years of age, he/she inherits the privilege of completing the civic duty of electing public officials. When the forefathers of this country gained independence from England, the right to vote was a central issue whose importance has been stressed in the over two-hundred years since. In this amount of time, there has always been at least two major political parties involved in almost every election process. These parties have always played the most significant role in determining the winners of elections, whether it be in state elections or bigger elections, from seats in Congress and even all the way up to the US presidency. Recently though, there seems to have been a major shift in power from the actual political parties to special interest groups.

These interest groups now play a larger active role in modern elections than the actual political parties themselves.

Interest groups now seem to exist for nearly every possible cause that exists, and their amount of wealth and power grows with every passing year. These interest groups are often represented by some of the most influential people in politics, and oftentimes play a crucial role in who gets elected to office and for how long they get to stay there. Very wealthy people and business corporations are frequently responsible for the creation and advancement of these interest groups, and do not hesitate to spend a great amount of money in supporting whoever would most help their particular cause. When an interest group decides to back a particular candidate, it may result in a lot of money or influence getting thrown in their direction, which can...