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According to the dictionary power comes from the Italian word potere, which means, "to be able". From this brief description you can tell that to have power means that you have the ability to make things happen. Power can be seen by way of physics and it can also be seen in a social sense. Power can also be defined as having authority, control or influence over others. I feel that power is a two way street. In order to talk about power you must talk about what has the power and what does not. For one to be powerful, another one must also be powerless. Throughout the history of civilization the idea of power has always existed. Power is seen in every aspect of life in general. At work the supervisor or boss has the power over their employees, at school the teacher has power over their students. People give power to others as well as objects when they are in need of acquiring something from that person or object.

We all have given something as simple as an alarm clock power over us. We allow the alarm clock to be solely responsible to wake us up on time in the morning so we wont be late to work or school. People allow technology to have power over them.

Over the years technology has made such incredible progress. Advancements in technology have been made for everything from entertainment to work to personal business. Technological advancements are helping us to be more efficient, perform certain tasks with ease and to give us new forms of leisure as well. I remember back when I was growing up we still had a black and white television. We also didn't have cable, not because we couldn't afford it, but because there wasn't any.