Prayer in School, Separation of Church and State

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Escaping Religion

Prayer in public schools should not be legal in the United States. It not only infringes on the first amendment of freedom of religion, but it will endanger religious diversity, and will go against the idea of separation between church and state. This endangers all Americans of their right to be free because it forces religion on them. By doing this, it removes the idea that our country was founded on, and that is freedom for all people. If prayer in schools is legalized, our freedom that we have as Americans will be destroyed.

Prayer in public schools should not be legal because it goes directly against the first amendment and the idea of freedom of religion. The Establishment Clause proscribes the establishment of religion in general, including religious practices. Prayer is considered a religious exercise, and if it became state-supported, then that amounts to the establishment of a religious practice which is unconstitutional.

("School Prayer: A Community at War." The First Amendment clearly states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". (Constitution of the United States of America.)

If prayer in school was legalized, it would directly contradict the Constitution our forefathers made and would go against the freedom that our country is founded on. In addition, students are allowed to participate in voluntary prayer during school at any time of the day. It is against the law to force people to listen to you pray. (School Prayer Debate and Poll. This freedom of individual prayer should be enough for anyone to be satisfied, but to push for anything else, that would be hindering our freedom as Americans. By legalizing prayer in schools, it not only would be unconstitutional, but it would be forcing religion on every single student...