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The Presidency has evolved for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is because of the precedence of past presidents. Three Presidents were largely responsible for expanding the Presidential powers and forming the modern President: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt did much to popularize the Presidency. He made the U.S. a world power and was the first President to intervene in a labor dispute not on management's side (Pika, p.18). Wilson influenced the modern Presidency by bringing back the practice of giving the State of the Union in front of Congress and he also was not shy and did not hesitate to take his case to the public (Pika, p.19). FDR probably had the biggest impact on the modern Presidency. During his first one-hundred days he brought great social and economic reforms, and this has led to the practice of judging Presidents after there first one-hundred days (Pika, p.20).

FDR also reorganized the executive branch, for example creating the Executive Office of the President and he raised presidential press conferences to a new extent (Pika, p.20).

A second reason the Presidnet has evolved is through statute and the Congress. One power that Congress has given the Presidnet throught statute is that of serving as the nation's economic manager (Pika, p.21). Congress also expanded presendial power by creating the Executive Office of the President, which give advice on the formulation of policies (Pika, p.21). Finally, a third thing Congress has passed to expand presidential power is charging the Presidnet with the task of coordinating national security policy (Pika, p.22).

A third reason the Presidency has expanded is through custom and practice. Over time the President has become the leaders fo their particular parties (Pika, p.22). Presidents also have taken the role, since Theodore Roosevelt, to be a mediator...