President Nixon and the watergate scandal

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Richard Milhous Nixon was the thirty-seventh president of the United States and the only

president to have resigned from office. He was on his was to success after receiving his law

degree from Duke University Law School in 1937.

California Republicans persuaded Nixon in 1946 to be their candidate to challenge Jerry

Voorhis, the popular Democratic Congressman, for his seat in the United States House of

Representatives. He accuses Voorhis of being "soft" on Communism. This was damaging to him

because the Cold War rivalry between the United States and USSR was just beginning. Voorhis

was forced into a defensive position after the two men confronted each other in a series of

debates. Nixon's campaign was an example of the vigorous and aggressive style characteristic of

his political career that led him to win the election.

Nixon gained valuable experience in international affairs as a new member of the United

States Congress.

He helped establish a program known as the Marshall Plan, in which the US

assisted Europe rebuild itself following the war. He also served on the House Education and

Labor Committee to develop the National Labor Relations Act.

In 1948, writer and editor Whittaker Chambers accused Alger Hiss, a high State

Department official, of being a Communist. Nixon, a member of the Un-American Activities

Committee, personally pressed the investigation. Hiss denied further charges that he had turned

classified documents over to Chambers to be sent to the USSR. Alger Hiss was later convicted

and indicted for perjury after sufficient evidence was discovered. Nixon was reelected to

Congress after winning both the Republican and Democratic nominations as a result of gaining a

national reputation as a dedicated enemy of Communism.

In 1950, Nixon was chosen as candidate for the US Senate from California by the

Republicans. Again, he won...