The Watergate Scandal

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This essay will discuss the Watergate scandal that took place during President Richard Nixon's term of office in the United States. It will briefly discuss the background of the Watergate scandal and how it began. It will also describe the media coverage of the scandal. In addition, it will discuss the public opinion about President Richard Nixon and Watergate. Last, it will describe President Richard Nixon's resignation from office.

The Watergate scandal began June 17th 1972. Some information about the scandal is still a mystery today. The reason the public refers to the incident as the Watergate scandal is because it occurred at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. The Watergate Hotel is a building that accommodated the offices of the members of the Democratic National Committee. Early in the morning on June 17th, five men were arrested inside the offices of the Democratic National Committee. "The men were wearing rubber surgical gloves and carrying burglary gear, electronic eavesdropping equipment, cameras for photographing documents, walkie-talkies, and consecutively numbered $100 bills (Mann & Woodward, 1972)."

The fact is, five men broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee, but questions remain regarding the reason the men broke in. The investigation eventually became known as the "Watergate Caper," a major issue in the 1972 presidential campaign (Mann & Woodward, 1972). Although the Watergate incident occurred during President Nixon's campaign for re-election, it had no negative effects on the outcome of the election. Nixon was re-elected for a second term of office in 1972 with a popular vote of 60.7% and an electoral vote margin of 520 to 17 (Brinkley, 2007).

The relentless media coverage of the scandal led to many questions about the break-in of the Watergate offices, nationwide. Questions printed in an article of the Washington...