President Wilson/Foreign Policy

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President Wilson28th president, in office 1913-1921. Vice President was Thomas R. MarshallWas discriminative against African Americans and immigrants1912: Nominated for Democratic President. Campaigned on a program called the New Freedom, which stressed individualism and states' rights.

1914: Prohibited unfair business practices. Panama Canal was built. Declared the first national Mother's Day.

1916: Prohibited child labor; and limited railroad workers to an 8-hour workday. Won re-election.

1917: Declared war with Germany (WW1).

1918: Wrote the Fourteen Points, to reassure America that the war was being fought for peace and moral cause. War in Germany was over, and Wilson introduced a peace treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, but it was rejected in America. Wilson lost the re-election.

Economic and Political Views:Customs LawTried to give the vote to all the people.

In Ibero-America, he wanted to give the control of the Government to the rich and important people of each country.

Social Politics: 8 hour work, National Parks, Prohibition of alcohol, took over railroads, and suppressed anti-war movements.

Introduced Jews to politics by electing the first Jewish ...

Obligatory service in the MilitarySupervised agricultural and food production through the Lever Act.

Changes in Foreign Affairs by President WilsonSpread Democracy throughout the world, and protected democracy in Latin America's failing governments.

In regards to foreign policy, What were Wilson's main goals? (he wanted to spread democracy through out the world, and help to protect it in Latin America)He wanted to give the control of the Government to the rich and important people in the countries that helped America. During his presidency, Wilson tried to get Latin America's government only to their upper class.

Who did he believe should control the government? Support your answer with an example. (He thought that rich and important people should control the government. An example would be...