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Kuala Lumpur, 9 Oct, 2004 - MACEE who was founded at 1963 is an organization that bine Malaysian and the American Commision by method of educational Exchange Form the day it started till now, they have given out more than USD700000 in scholarships to students of business studies. For the 10 students who was awarded with the scholarships this time around, they will receive USD 5000 each for their 2004/2005 education.

The minister of education who join the celebration say that he was glad to see what is MACEE doing is doing for the business studies as the happiness shown on the face of the recipient warm his heart. He believe that this activities run by MACEE gives hope to many excellent business students. And as for MACEE, they were enlightened by the minister's comment as their missions to encourage the students to study business. They promise to do better in days to come that they might achieve mission set for them 40 years ago.

For those who are interested to apply, this scholarship is only eligible for those who ranked top 10 percent in the institution with a CPGA of 3.8 and above. They are suppose to write an essay on a topic of their choice and they are sort listed, they will be called for an interview, The 5 students form UTAR ho receive shorlisted, advice the students who are having intention to apply for this scholarship to write an essay which can best describe their ability and style. And if you're shorlisted for an interview, be confident and take ownership of your ability. Application for he scholarship is open again for those who wants to fight for the next year award. Almost every year MACEE receive 20000 applicants, so if you're interested, grab your chance...