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News Release

InstaTravels presents the First Ever

HUMAN Teleporting Device!

July 5, 2006, Teleportal, Arizona - InstraTravels has selected Friday, October 13, 2006, as the opening day for their first ever scientific breakthrough of Teleportal Travel for People! Yes that is right, People transported via teleport as did the Star Trekians! Several decades of breakthrough technology developed to "Beam YOU Up!"

InstaTravels scientific developments in quantum physics has achieved what scientists have been touting as completely unattainable: Human Teleportation! Transportation has made history once again with InstaTravels very first development of human teleportation. While the California Institute of Technology revealed laser beam transportation was possible, 40 labs throughout the world attempting to perform the same process; and the Australian National University scientists have been playing with beams of light to disappear and reappear in short distances, (Whitehouse, 2002); InstaTravels has turned the scientific dream into reality, a reality that YOU the public will be able to experience firsthand!

How, you may ask, does teleportal transportation work? To put it as simply as possible, quantum physics provides a very secure process for the transference of the trillions of atoms which make up the human body (Lovgren, 2004), then intricately transports those atoms to extremely precise coordinates.

Several decades of extensive research and testing at universities around the world have realized the Star Trekian dream of instanteous travel.

InstaTravels will conduct a special press conference on Monday with two special guests. Leonard Nimoy from the original cast of Star Trek (portrayed the character Spock born in 2230 to the planet of Shi'Kahr, Vulcan, famous for his V shaped hand in the air and the phrase "Live Long and Prosper") (CBS, 2006). Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation (portrayed the charactor Captain Jean-Luc Picard born in 2305 to the planet Earth...