The Problematic Aspects of American Imperialism In less than 500 words, write a topic of your choice that relates to Roman civilization and the present governing system.

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After September 11th, America began to embark on preventive wars to ensure the safety and stability of the country. In a critical sense, America was becoming the new Rome. Roman's notion of defensive imperialism, adopted by the present imperial presidency, constructed many unanticipated problems that may lead to the collapse of the American empire.

Ubiquitous American military bases, along with the ongoing "war on terrorism," demanded muscular financial support. Although America remained as the dominant power in the world, its economy was comparatively unstable. Recession caused corporations to lay off their workers and shipped many jobs to foreign countries with cheap labor. Trade and industry growth in Europe and Asia diminished US's relative weigh in the world economy. President Bush's Jobs and Growth Act called for 477 billions in tax breaks and that contributed less income to the empty US Treasury. Unlike Rome which had position advantages and efficient economic growth to support the armies, America's economy may fail to sustain the mounting expenses from the ever-demanding military forces.

Rome had Latin Allies' backing, but America had no popular support to engage in a war with Iraq. Roman imperial expansion created governing barriers by making the empire too big and too diverse. Growing militarism caused drastic alterations in interests and norms of the Roman constitution. Although Rome had alliance with other neighboring cities, the progressive transformation of the Roman government led to the collapse of the empire. The problematic aspects of American imperialism include US's poor foreign policy, and exaggeration of actual military and economic power. America viewed diplomacy as a barrier rather than as a crucial component in fighting terrorism. As a result, America alone had to face the unintended consequences that even Rome, the ancient dominant nation, could not resolve. If the past is any indication, Rome's outcome...