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Eastern Regions Mental Health Association Inc (ERMHA) is a non-government, community based organisation working predominantly with people who have a serious psychiatric illness.

VisionTo publicise the needs of people who have been affected by mental illness.

Also improve community acceptance for those with mental health problems.

MissionTo mobilise the resources of the community in order to hasten the recovery and rehabilitation of those who have suffered from mental illness or other mental problems.

SituationERMHA delivers psychological rehabilitation services to people in Melbourne's south eastern growth corridor of Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong.

Skilled, multi-disciplinary staff works in partnership with ERMHA's clients to design and apply individually appropriate program plans. Each plan maps a client's current situation, their desired goals and how those goals are to be achieved. Where ever possible these partnerships expand to include clients' families, Carers and other important support services and networks.

ERMHA is a non-government, non profit organisation funded by Federal, State and Local governments.

Swot Analysis•The many ongoing and flexible programs which is responsive to both the sufferer and communities changing needs.

•Relies on funding by Federal, State and Local governments and Donations.

•Has expanded significantly over the past decade in order to meet the increasing needs of several of the fastest growing communities in Victoria.

•There are many organisations which are also offering mental health services including Beyond Blue, Salvation Army.

Goal•To promote ongoing support and social reintegration activities of all kinds to people activities of all kinds to people recovering from psychiatric illness regardless of their source of medical treatment.

•To develop partnerships, programs and methods of work to meet the needs of the growing ethnic groups and others requiring assistance.

Strategy•To raise awareness of mental health by conducting mental health educational activities of all kinds for the general public and local...