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MSc Dissertation Proposal on:

Gender diversity and board-level governance impact on the agency cost and firm performance

Statement of proposed aims, points of interests and importance of outcomes.

On the increment of a firm to a threshold, a common phenomenon is observed that for many years professional bodies have been seeking for an effective way of measure for the following factors: Firm Governance, Effectiveness of Agency Costs, Firm Performance and value in order to maintain the organisation is a logical order. However, from the reviewed related articles and self knowledge that there are many proposed ways of measure of above stated factors and most importantly, they seem to act on an individual basis with attached conditions in certain extent. Therefore, by consulting with the official released literatures the brief of proposed aims of this dissertation is set as follows to discuss and merge the findings from existing professional bodies to form a compact and comprehensive method(s) in reference to firm's Governance, Agency Cost, Performance and Firm Value:

  1. Initially, the measure of NED independent level is discussed and to conclude if better or higher independent level is preferred within this context. How the independent level of the NED can reduce the Agency Cost(s) and to increase the Firm Value.

  2. Within range of independence level, two further discussions are attached in terms of Women and Social Network. The analysis is carried out by comparing women's social network with men's to investigate whether women are more independent than men.

  3. Attendance behaviours of individual directors and the committee assignment are measured to verify if the independent of a director is associated with good governance such that high attendance is strongly associated with my " independent " measure or to form the relationship in between.

  4. Cash flow and divided payment are also used at a...