Proposal Paper on Mamie Clark and Kenneth Clark.

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A few weeks ago, my English class was assigned to think about a person of interest whom we could write our research paper on. We, the students, had to research some basic information about our choice of topic and briefly give our teacher an idea of who we will be researching. That same weekend, I went to the Olney Public Library and looked through a few books that had research on one of the most incredible psychologists of the 1940s and 1950s, Mamie Clark. Mamie Clark was of huge interest to me because my psychology teacher had taught a lesson on her and Kenneth's experiments. She was a woman living in the segregated times and learning more about this subject has always caught my attention. So learning about this subject as well, drew me closer to ultimately choosing Mamie Clark as my research topic.

I have skimmed through a few books that mention her works and those of others, as well as the available online resources in order to frame my focus on Mamie Clark. The most important resources I have come across are Kenneth's boxes at the Library of Congress. The most popular experiment of her and Kenneth's is the Doll Test Experiment. This very popular experiment cooperated with the Brown vs. Board trial and Mamie and Kenneth's research was used extensively to support Browns side. There are thousands of items on Kenneth Clark, but not nearly as much on Mamie and I do not know why. To my advantage, the Library of Congress collection summary instructs me to which of Kenneth's boxes contains information about his wife, Mamie. Her collection consists of grade reports, notes, condolences of her death, patient case files, writing drafts, and much more biographical information. These papers are located in the Manuscript Division of...