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Morality Morals pertain to conduct or character from the point of right and wrong, teaching a conception of right behavior. Morals are the basis of life and the foundation of society. Most rules of conduct or laws are based on these principles. Without morals society would be chaotic. Louis B. Schwartz argues that although there is no evidence that society as a whole is harmed by the existence of immoral behavior, the language of legislators and others suggests that the majority does think that it is being harmed (p 550).

He believes that "society is entitled to restrict, or protect itself from, conduct that is grossly offensive to others"� and that "society is entitled to guide or regulate the moral conduct of its members"� (p 550). I agree with him.

Prostitution should be illegal because it is immoral. From a religious and morality point of view, the "body is our temple"� we must not desecrate it and we must not harm it.

It destroys the "purity"� of woman. Think about this, would you want your children to participate in prostitution? More will if we make it readily available for them. Also, would you want your daughters or maybe even sons to have aspirations to be a prostitute? We live today to make the best future for our children if not at least a better one than we have had. What examples would we be if we were to make such immoral acts like this one, legal? What would happen to our future? Chaos. We must not only think of what is best for us but also what is best for the next generation. What we do today has a great impact on society in the future.

Prostitution is immoral because it causes harm to society. Although it may not cause...