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In the United States of America, it is a country of freedom and capitalism. The people in America always finding ways to make money as our forefathers did in their time. A big issue the United States faces today is the prostitution. Prostitution itself has been viewed as a very dangerous idea since it first started. It has been shown how it can lead to human sex trafficking and many addictions. There are many people in the United States today who believe there is a way to decriminalize prostitution and sex trafficking and make it legal they also believe that in doing so may help with self confidence and better decision making on the prostitutes part. And for every good cause can come a bad cause. People believe prostitution is immoral and should never be legal due to high risk in the job itself and the way it can affect a person.

Although many people hear the term 'prostitution' and "trafficking", they automatically assume it is only sex for money. "Prostitution is ontologically a form of violence. It feeds on violence and in turn amplifies it. Abduction, rape, submission-there are submission camps in a number of European countries, not only in the Balkans and in Central Europe, but also in Italy, where submission is called "schooling"-terror and murder are still the midwives and outriders of this industry; they are essentially not only for market development, but also for the "manufacture" of the "goods" as they contribute to making prostituted people "functional"-this industry demands total availability of the body."(Poullin 1) Prostitution itself can be very dangerous to the prostitute him or herself or to the consumer. Prostitution can really lower a persons self esteem. The violence and harm a person can witness may have lasting affects on a person's brain.