Prostitution Legalization

Essay by onlybabykay January 2005

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The idea of legalizing prostitution here in the United States or in any country doesn't look or sound so great. It makes the country look bad, but the government shouldn't pay too much attention on it. People who choose to become prostitutes have chosen the path themselves; they're the ones who have decided to sell their bodies. If the United States were to legalize prostitution then so be it, there's nothing we could possibly do about it.

If problems were to occur to the prostitutes then it would be their own fault, and they should have already thought about the consequences that would come afterwards. Prostitution has been in the world for centuries, and I highly doubt that prostitution could be stopped. If prostitution were to be legalized, I believe that there wouldn't be more or less prostitutes.

As long as no one is harmed then the legalization of prostitution shouldn't be such a big deal because it shouldn't make a difference either.

Overall, the government shouldn't pay too much attention on prostitution because there are other things they should pay attention on. We also have to keep in mind that it was their own choice to become a prostitute, no one forced them to become one.