Provide a summary of how Beveridge proposed to eliminate poverty.

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Summary of the ways Beveridge proposed to eliminate poverty

Beveridge proposed sucessful abolition of poverty would be contingent on collaboration between the state and the individual. State maintained Social Insurance should provide subsistence-level income to reconstitute interrupted earnings. Endeavouring to provide a foundation whilst simultaneously advocating individual voluntary provision, entitlement would be given as of right without income or time restraint. Proficiency of this system would be advantaged by minimal claims engendered through continued long term high employment.(Hill: 1990).

Mandatory flat rate contributions (4/3 weekly, irrespective of income (weasel)) from those employed were pooled, qualifying entitlement. Claimants received flat rate benefits, (40/- week for man and wife in unemployment (weasel)), regardless of potentiality for application. Contributions were obliged from all workers, their employers (3/3 weekly,(weasel)) and the state (Hill: 1990).

Those not able to satisfy contribution conditions turned to means tested Social Assistance (George: 1968), established to have a subsidiary diminishing role (Alcock: 2003).Taking

over responsibility from local friendly societies, the responsibility for administration of both S.I and S.A would be amalgamated by the Ministry of Social Security ensuring equality of contributions and payments (George: 1968).

Pensions would be paid as of right in virtue of sufficient contributions (Hill,1990). A transitional period of twenty years would be required for the scheme to be fully operational (Gazeley,2003) with those nearing or in retirement, who in all probability had not afforded contributions, resorting to S.A. A higher pension rate would be paid for postponed retirement to incite continued employment (Hill: 1990). Also, in view of a husbands contributions, provisional widow, separation and maternity grants could be claimed (George: 1968).

Beveridge devised S.I on the basis of three assumptions. First; Child Allowance of 8s (George: 1968) would cover second and subsequent children for those employed or each child, subject to receipt of another...