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David Glenn




St. Louis, MO- -Thump, thump, thump,thump...Now the first wave of perspiration starts on the nurses face as she wrestles with the task at hand.

As the patient looks up he braces for the painful but necessary shot which he is about to receive. This is what Maryville student David Glenn goes through three times a week four hours each dialysis session in order to stay alive.

David had a cist on his pancreas, which resulted in renal kidney failure. The medication for the cist shut down his kidneys, resulted in a six-month hospital stay, rehab for strength and walking, and a lot of mental rebuilding.

At this point one has choices, " Either I was going to sit back collect a check from the government and feel sorry for myself, or I could resume a normal life." This latter part of that statement is what David chooses to do.

Dialysis is a very draining process in which two needles are inserted into the patient. One needle is inserted into an arterial vein and it removes the blood from the

David Glenn




patient and cleanses it while removing excess fluid. The other needle is placed into a Venus vein and the cleansed blood is then returned back to the patient.

Now, the problem with all of this is the effect which it has on the patient; "Practically every time I receive dialysis I leave hungry, and as soon as I eat, I get sick. This is accompanied with feelings of weakness and fatigue."

The strain of dialysis creates an environment in which one could very easily just give up, feel sorry for themselves, and lose their passion for being active or even wanting to live. "There are times when I wonder what...