PSY428 Job Satisfaction Paper

Essay by Yates Phyllis March 2008

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Job Satisfaction paper in the ever changing environment of organizational transformation, employers are faced with complex issues such as attracting and retaining the right employees. Transformational leaders employ emerging methodologies to help maintain their taskforce with approaches which create and sustain continued value and provide continuous job satisfaction for employees. This paper will describe the practices the author used to both motivate herself and others, toward productivity. As an employee who rose to the position of Director, this paper will describe the process with which the author was motivated in the quest to reach her higher position, and the theories and concepts practiced and at her company, Special Care Ltd.

Like many learning organizations which adapt continual improvement, flexibility, and organizational design, employees are empowered, and to sustain growth, BCBS NCA was proactive and aware of human nature and like Chris Argyris, believed in democracy, organizational flexibility, diversity, and providing opportunities to all employees (,

2007). They promoted both degreed and non-degreed employees and met employees' needs with ample benefits, including: high matching 401k benefits, sufficient salaries, concierge services, tuition reimbursement, sabbatical for employee's whose educational programs require internships or residency, and various services to meet employee needs. The flexibility was demonstrated as the author was allowed to develop new duties, like revising or creating manuals to keep herself motivated, as her bosses would allow her because of health issues, and as a means to keep things interesting. The author also found herself cross-training, training on computer software, and in other departments, or taking continuing education classes to maintain job satisfaction and elevate her interests and motivation at this company which provided everything else she desired. Finally, a promotion came and the Director position was offered.

The author employed the Simplified Expectancy model as contributing factors to motivating job...