Public Healthcare Reform in Hong Kong.

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2Executive Summary

3Recent Reforms

3.1Overview of Healthcare System

3.2Reasons of Reforms

3.3Recent Reforms

4Impacts of Healthcare Reforms




1 Introduction

As a major endeavour at implementing administrative change, Public sector reform impacts on both the organisational structure of the public sector as well as the operational principles and philosophy of public sector managers and workers. In Hong Kong, public sector reforms have been initiated within a significant period of transition in which political considerations have constituted important elements of the change process.

Before 1997 handover, Hong Kong was under the control of United Kingdom, it was a colony of British, and a small government. The functions of government were to regulate, facilitate, purchase and provide services on behalf of community, it looks as a safety net to deal with the needs in the community. As such the community's expectations of the Government continuously are growing and needs are expanding and, at the same time, as the society is challenged by increasingly complex situations - economic, social, and technological.

In response to these challenges, the Government has made big strides to improve continuously the public services and public management processes.

Furthermore, driven by the "New Public Management" (NPM) concept introduced and the impact of globalization, public sector reform has become a worldwide trend. The first major trend was the bureaucracy, "...Bureaucracy as an approach to public management took hold in industrializing Europe, and later North America, over a century ago." (Richard C. 2001: P81).1 In Hong Kong, driven by the pressures for policy convergence such as the economic globalization, internationalization, transnationalization of the state etc. and for policy divergence, the Government carried out a series of reforms programmes. The first public sector reform programme - a programme of financial management reforms was launched by the...