Puritans:where they really so pure?

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Whether the Puritans were really "pure" or not is a very controversial subject. I believe that the

Puritans were as pure as history portrayed them to be. The reasons I will give to support my believe are as

follows: 1) strong communities were built from religion, 2) predestination and wasting time, 3) they knew

how to enjoy life, 4) devotion and education of their children.

Many people believe that the Puritans weren't really pure in their actions. In an article by Jeff

Walcott, he states "the Puritan colony was far from pure, a utopian society built around religion cannot

work." This may be true in some aspects but, these people built a very strong community because it was

built around religion. Their spiritual bond made them sympathetic towards each others needs and helped

them survive through the hard pioneer life. Their spiritual beliefs were very strong and this strength held

over to include community laws and customs.

It helped them get along with one another since everyone

had the same viewpoint. They learned to survive in a totally new land and not give up their religion for any

reason. They had very strong beliefs and didn't let temptation get the better of them.

They believed in predestination, this made them work very hard to do good in this life so they

would be chosen for heaven in the next one. They believed that God already knew where everyone was

going, Heaven or Hell. This was a great motivation for people to have good hearts and be good people in

general. The Puritans believed that hard work was an honor to God and it would lead to a prosperous

reward. They were very opposed to anything that wasted time or resources. Henry Sage gave an example

in his article called Colonial...