Purpose and intent of the League of Nations

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The purpose and intent of the League of Nations

Following the tragic period of the First World War, there was much public outcry for the necessity of international peace and a change from traditional diplomacy. This was a secretive means of settling international disputes, causing dangerous suspicions which led to conflict and contributed to the beginning of the First World War. New Diplomacy was created, which was an open form of solving international disputes, in replacement of traditional diplomacy. However to be fully utilised it needed a form of collective security which raised the need for an international peace governing committee i.e. the League of Nations.

The British first brought up the debate over the League of Nations in March 1918 with the drafting of the "Conference of Allied States" as an international peace governing committee. The Conference of Allied States was a simple organisation and would only meet in emergencies.

Shortly after the release of the British draft, the French suggested on an "international council", also to settle international conflicts, which would have its own strong army. The Americans suggested a League which would meet regularly and hold representatives of all nations to resolve international disputes and use necessary sanctions to stop the aggressor, but its main aim was to keep peace.

The covenant of the League of Nations was to be decided at the Paris Peace Conference, held on January 18, 1919. In the conference, the first draft was created in only 10 days and was based around the Americans suggestion. On the 28th of April the Paris peace conference adopted the final Covenant for the League of Nations and on the 10th of January, 1920 the Treaty of Versailles was adopted by the Paris peace conference and the Covenant for the League of Nations...