How to put a jigsaw puzzle together

Essay by ApiglitB, December 2006

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You open the box of a colorful new sea escapes puzzle and dump the pieces out and one thousand seem to turn into one million. Don't put it up for next year. There are steps that will make what could be a month-long project become a week's leisure hours. Just about anyone can put together a puzzle, from a Frame Trap Walt Disney puzzle to a one-thousand piece outdoor scenery puzzle. People also often have their own way to put a puzzle together, such as taking only one piece at a time or dumping the whole box on a kitchen table. There are three easy steps to make even the hardest puzzle simpler. The first and foremost step is to decide to have fun, second putting the border together, and third is completing the rest of the puzzle.

Fun is the first step because there is no reason to put together a puzzle unless one can have fun in the process.

Putting a puzzle together is fun for those who like to have hours of quiet time or for those who like to work for a beautiful finished project. The first thing to do is pick the kind of puzzle you like, and this you can do at any store, or even at a yard sale. There are also many different designs and shapes, three dimensional and sculptural puzzles. After you choose the puzzle just right for you, it will be time to start putting it together which is half the fun. For example, after completing the next two steps the puzzle will be a one thousand piece ocean scene with a deep red sunset and two dolphins playing in the waves.

Even before you start on the puzzle you need to have a large open space, like a table,