Put in Perspective.

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Put in Perspective

Inevitable? Are we stuck with this fate?

To live in this country that we love, to hate?

Are we confused/ badly abused? Leaving our saviors to only be used?

Our countries police men beat up our men, yet we break the law, again and again.

It could be stupidity, due to humidity, not our states, in our brains.....

We're so conceited to think our country's so grand, so we feel it's our duty to lend a hand,

They've been fighting forever, it's nothing new, leave them alone, they'll make it through.

We live in time full of violence and pain, with all of this anger what is there to gain?

Drugs being sold right under your nose, so cops have to bust them that's how it goes......


Put your life into perspective...

Look at the high schools, people don't get along, and some how the geniuses just don't belong.


Drugged alcoholics, a mother on crack, the doctors can't save them.... who do we thank?

Sexual diseases, herpes and AIDS. He got a girl pregnant and down went her grades....

Put it in perspective...

Girls in awe by singers, telephone ringers, acrylic nails, tight jeans and perfume.

Girls just got dumped, yet another stomach pumped, and the girl thought her life was doomed.....

She put it in perspective

Cigarettes kill; you know they will, her grandma's got cancer and no more life to fill.

Her friend wants to die due to drugs and depression,

Some girls have to hide due to some perverts obsession,

Animal's slaughters, a dad beats his daughter, and people still think life is so bad.

A message I'm sending and recommending, am thankful for life and be glad

Put it in Perspective to understand what you really have!!!!!!...