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A merger is a "consolidation of two firms […] and the arrangement is usually more collaborative. " . It happened in 1999, when the merger of two Canadian gas companies, Northwestern Utilities Limited and Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited, created ATCO Gas. Before this all began, Canadian Western was delivering gas since 1912 and Northwestern Utilities 1923. They joined the ATCO Group in 1980. The whole process of forming the new entity took about one year.

This company now delivers natural gas throughout Alberta with its networks of 34,000 kilometres of pipeline. ATCO Gas is serving approximately 825,000 customers, which represents more than 80 per cent of the Alberta market. The president of the new company, headquartered in Edmonton, will be Chris Sheard who is currently president of Northwestern Utilities. As mentioned previously, ATCO Gas is a part of ATCO Group a world-wide organization which is also based in Alberta.

ATCO Group has 6,000 employees engaged in power generation , utilities, logistics and energy services (has shown of the graph).

Economic Impact: ATCO Gas gives approximately one billion dollar annually to the Alberta economy. From this, $ 100 million is spent each year building infrastructure in the province. The company also claims that no one lost his/her job , however some organizational changes have occurred to accommodates the new company.

Rates: The company claims to offer the lowest rates in North America, 80 ¢ a day. Efficient management, focus on customer service and making the best use of resources help the company to keep their rate consistently low .

*An interesting fact is that "if oil prices do not rise significantly, Alberta will generate more income from natural gas in 1999 than from crude" .

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