Q 1 Describe at least 4 reasons why team work is important in providing a good service to clients.

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Social care theory and practice.

Assessment 4

Teamwork improves communication, it isn't just about exchanging information - it is about ideas, feelings, hopes and desires, we find this when we communicate with people we trust and respect. It is also about all those things that make us the individuals that we are.

Another important reason I feel is flexibility, good teamwork depends upon a willingness to change, to be adaptable, open-minded and to learn from skills of others, the good care worker should always be flexible enough to change in the light of new knowledge or the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Negotiation this is a need and willingness to discuss issues, consult our clients, colleagues and management in reaching optimum solutions to problems and issues. Sometimes it involves compromise or confrontation, as well as collaboration. In order to negotiate with team members and management, the team player must be clear about the negotiation and be prepared to compromise.

There is some evidence which suggests teams go through a common process of development, Tuckman (1965) has reviewed the literature on this. He says that teams go through the processes of forming (getting together), storming (fighting over territory in the group), norming (coming to general agreement about how the group should work), and performing (getting on with work-sharing without worrying too much about relationships in the group).

Other advantages of teamwork are:

*Can provide a satisfying, stimulating and enjoyable working environment.

*Can co-ordinate areas of expertise so that those with different skills can join forces to enhance individual practice.

*Can help to provide a more comprehensive service to service users.

Another "cute" list of characteristics has items whose first letter forms the word PERFORM



*Relationships and communication


*Optimal productivity



QUESTION 2 Identify at least 4...