Q: Why on earth did Chamberlain's policy change from 1938 to 1939?

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Chamberlain changed his policy from appeasement in early 1938 to fighting a war by 1939. During the time, many events happened in Europe and England. Hitler was expending his power, which didn't allow Chamberlain to continue his appeasement. This drove many people in England against Chamberlain's idea. The expending of fascist and the objection of his own country cut down the policy of appeasement. Chamberlain had to drop his idea and prepare for the war.

Events in Europe pressured Chamberlain to abandon appeasement. In 1938, Hitler got Nazis in Czechoslovakia to force the government to give Germany Sudetenland. Chamberlain soon gave him Sudetenland on Sep 29, 1938 under the Munich Agreement. By the time, Chamberlain was following the policy of appeasement. In Feb 28, 1939, Franco the fascist won the Spanish civil war. British politicians shout "Heil Chamberlain" in parliament. This showed Chamberlain was not supported in the parliament.

It gave a big pressure to Chamberlain to keep on his appeasement be cause there were few people supporting. Franco's victory broke down Chamberlain's leadership. On march 15, 1939; Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, which was the first non-Germany state he'd ever invaded. Chamberlain said, "It's a shock to the confidence" and promised to protect Poland. Though by the time Chamberlain still had the firm believing in appeasement, the situation showed that appeasement was useless. Then on April 13, Mussolini conquers Albania. Mussolini was clearly a fascist, further more; he was closely combined with Hitler. So if Chamberlain didn't do anything, the other European countries would criticize Britain and not trusted it again for it did nothing to stop the fascist. However, if he did something, then Mussolini and Hitler may became allies and created war. It was also against his policy of appeasement. It was very hard to choose either of...