Queen Elizabeth I. Essay prompt relating to a speech QEI made to rally her troops. Analyzation AP style.

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In a calling to arms, a leader must portray his confidence and support of the people he is speaking to. Queen Elizabeth I had to put forth more effort when rallying her army then a king would; she was a woman. In calling her army to arms, Queen Elizabeth I of England utilizes certain elements of language-diction, imagery, and sentence structure-to let them see the truth in what she said.

Queen Elizabeth I implements diction in her speech to her people. Elizabeth begins her speech with the words, "My loving people." By saying these three simple words, she brings the hearts and souls of her people to one level. Elizabeth instills the idea that she and the people are equal, almost as if though she says "My loving people," they are not peons of her society. Elizabeth I also tells her people that she knows she has "the body of a but a weak and feeble woman" when trying to draw them together as a single, strong force.

By saying this, the queen makes publicly known the handicaps she faces when dealing with an entire kingdom. By saying this she also informs her people of the determination she has, not only to win this battle against Spain, but to win the battle that she has to face in relation to her conflicting places in society. Queen Elizabeth I had the ability to use her words to provoke a response as opposed to brute strength and violence.

Queen Elizabeth I also has the innate ability to sculpt her words into images inside of the minds of the people to whom she is speaking. Elizabeth reinforces her confidence in the army by saying, "...but being resolved....to live or die amongst you all; to lay down for my god and for my...