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Queensland Rail (QR) is a government-owned rail orgainsation operating in the Australian state of Queensland, has seized on the idea of developing train travel as a tourist experience. Commencing in 1985 with the Queenslander, QR has developed a suite of rail experiences that aim to capture the tourist dollar and in doing so, enhance the organization's revenue from other wise declining sales of long-distance rail services (Prideaux B., 1999).

QR has a global reputation for providing innovative rail-based transport services. It is performance-driven, and as such, their vision is Performance. Its employees live for values and are resourceful, friendly, helpful, reliable and commercially driven. They have a can-do attitude and are always looking for a better way to achieve results. QR is rely on how to deliver safe, reliable, environmentally sustainable and efficient rail services that contribute to the economic, social and regional development of Queensland and other areas they operate in (Queensland Rail, 2008).

According to the official website of Queensland Rail (2008), QR Ltd is a $3 billion a year business, and one of Australia's largest and most modern transport providers. On any day, their network operates 1,000 train services and moves more than 445,000 tonnes of freight. Around 160,000 passengers use QR trains each day for long distance and commuter journeys in SEQ. QR has three major produces services, such as freight and logistics, passenger services (commuter and long distance), and track access (for the narrow, standard and dual gauge network).

Through the implementation of Porter's low cost strategy an organisation can achieve a lower cost structure, therefore providing a more affordable product of the dame high quality (Allen & Helms, 2006). There are variety of ways that organizations can employ this strategy through the provision of a no-frills product, simple product design, cost control, location...