A Question of Honor

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To live and die in the name of honor, what could be more glorious? To kill and be killed in the name of honor, what could be more magnificent? What is honor and who decides what is honorable? How is honor achieved, kept and lost? Who is honorable and how long does it last? What are the moods of honor and what form does it take? How much does honor cost and is it worth it?

The first step in the discovery of honor is to delineate at a basic level how honor is found and achieved. It is decidedly obvious that honor is something that is held by a person or persons for a certain length of time. A basic understanding of the word honor and its uses would include a person that it honorable based upon an action, by that person that was an honorable activity.

Taking this thought further it would seem logical to presume that honor is found in the activity or action of a person or persons and held for length of time until further action changes the status of the honor.

Since honor requires action more so than the mindset, beliefs and worldview of the person doing the action than thought processes play no part in the honorable deed. Certainly the motivations behind the honorable action are important and many times can be stated aloud to further raise the status of the honor. For it would seem that motivations of a selfish manner would not be looked as kindly upon, whereas selfless actions for another would be considered more worthy of honor. Therefore, honor is found more in actions than in thought. And if a person's actions can be seen while thoughts remain unseen then we can deduce that honor requires an...