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For Muslims, the Quran is the most important text in their religion because it is God's word spoken as guidance for human life, through their prophet Muhammad. It is made up of thousands of ayahs or verses that outline how the Islamic people are to live their life. The basic moral message is to follow Allah (their god) and believe in him no matter what the problem and always maintain faith in him. The Muslim people are very strict when it comes to following the rules outlined in the Quran, because they do no want to offend their God. For this reason they make sure to follow the five pillars of faith, and punish those that go against the Quran, Muslim or not.

The revelations of Muhammad were written down in Arabic in the Quran, which Muslims regard as the completion of earlier revelations from God set down in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Gospel.

The Quran elaborates the "five pillars of faith": (1) bearing witness to the unity of God and the prophet hood of Muhammad. Which is accepting Allah as their God and their only God. (2) Daily prayers while facing the direction on Mecca. Prayer to their god at least five times a day. (3) Fasting during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. (4) Giving alms to the poor, or more precisely giving at least 2.5% of ones saving to the poor and needy. (5) For those physically able and with the financial means, the obligation to make a pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. The Islamic people agree that the performance and practice of these acts are essential for a proper life. While these pillars of faith are important, they also find importance in honoring their god's wishes...