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GSBS 6040 Human Resource Management

Assignment 2

Ethical and Professional HRM

Jing Li



Table of contents

Table of contents 2

1. Introduction 3

2. Conflict of interest 3

2.1 Interests of miners 4

2.2 Interests of owners 4

2.3 analysis of conflict of interests 4

3. Three options 5

3.1 Providing safety training and improving safety awareness 5

3.2 Improving the condition of workplace 6

3.3 High security insurance 7

4. The most ethical and professional option 7

5. Conclusion 9

6. Reference lists 11

1. Introduction

This paper reflects on ethical and professional human resource management (HRM) after a serious Gas explosion. I am the HR manager of Yanshitai coal mine in Chongqing municipality, on 30 July 2014, two months after the serious gas accident. Twenty-two miners were died in this accident, and many miners fall into fear. According to this serious accident, it has revealed several issues of the conflict of interest between miners and owners, such as lacking of professional skills and low safety awareness as miners, poor working condition, unsafe equipment for saving cost, no security for miners and so on.

They are two groups represent different interest. Most of miners need high salary and need safe security, however owners just interested in benefit and saving cost. The paper will outline three options as a HR manager based on the analysis of conflict of interest.

First option is providing the professional training of skills and improving mines' safety awareness. Next option is improving the condition of workplace. Third option is providing high security for miners like insurance. This paper seeks to understand what is ethical and professional behavior as a HR manager. I will specific assumed strengthen training of skills and improving safety awareness, which I think is the most ethical and professional choice,