Race and Ethnicity

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Today I am here to talk to you about racial and ethnic issues that occur in our society...

We live in a society full of many different races and cultures and this affects the way we interact within our society, as well as influencing our views on equality and differences among the many different races in our society. Race and ethnicity may be defined as a type of grouping or classification based on a persons origin of birth and includes their racial appearance, language, religion and culture. Often influential media groups and social standards shape our beliefs. This affects not only how we interact with cultures different from our own, but also how various groups interact with each other. In our society there is sure to be inequalities due to our differences.

Media Today has the power to inform influence and direct its audience. This may result in setting new social trends and impact upon our current values.

Different types of media include news, television, movies, newspapers, song lyrics etc.

I have a collection of articles from the manly daily dated March 3rd to April 2nd. These articles breakdown the reasons behind the actions of certain ethnic groups and the way our society has isolated these races due to our differences.

The articles printed in the Manly Daily Discuss the issues of alleged ethnic gangs in our area causing violence and uproar in our society. "MP Brad Hazard said the atmosphere of fear, concern and anger could not continue". These articles present the ideas of maybe the actions of ethnic youths creating a reason for prejudice opinions, or maybe these actions are a result of prejudice attitudes.

We are all different in some way, either by different sizes, hair colors, height etc, why should color be any different to...